Friday, August 29, 2008

Bill Paying Time and Then AWAY I GO

Today is payday for me and bill paying time. I wrote out checks for car loan, my share of my health insurance, student load, my landline phone bill, my mobile bill, partial payment on my propane bill (I set up a payment plan with the local office, it was an expensive fill up last month), and paid out a boat load of non covered medical tests from my July doctors visits. Even with health insurance, I still am responsible for payment of tests and services that are not covered by insurance or are considered preventative care. One blood test was $275 of which I'm responsible for $175. Full coverage kicks in when I hit $1250 in my expenses. I'm just over $750 for the year. I think my total responsibility for those bills and tests is about $375-$400. I have to add up the total cost when I file the bills.

I decided last minute to get the hell out of Dodge and go visit friends in New Hampshire. I'm feeling cranky and I want to split for a few days. I am heading up to the Land of the Outlet Stores. I've given myself a clothes budget of $75 for some new clothes and shoes. I have a couple things I do want to get, my wardrobe is pretty well set for the year. I only need a couple winter items and I'm hoping I can find some good deals. Last year I hit a couple stores just at the right time and got several items that fit me well, I liked and have gotten a lot of use out of.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on getting lucky again this year-you just never know!

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