Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Needs and Wants-August 2008 Part 1

I'm putting a lot of thought into a needs and wants list. I've done that before on this blog (need a new car-got it, want a new tv-got it), it helps me plan out what I'm doing with my life and finances, so I don't flounder about.

I do need to do some work at my house. I'm planning on putting another roll or two of insulation up in my crawl space. I just need to find a weekend when I'll be home, it won't be 85 degrees plus outside (and baking up in the attic crawl space). My attic crawl space, is just that, a crawl space. Good thing I am short. This is a project I can do without help, but an extra set of hands might be nice.

I do want to go up into the attic for a "look see". When I went away to Canada last month, I came home to a water stain on the bedroom ceiling. Granted we did have repeated torrential downpours and I think I know what happened. I have a roof vent that leaks. I had my roof re-shingled about 5 years ago, and since then, I've had nothing but trouble with that vent. Of course, I can't get anyone to come over when it's raining to look at the problem and my roofer and I have not been able to repeat the problem with a hose. When it rains and the rain comes in sideways, it fills up part of the vent (that is not supposed to let in rain, just air) and the only place it can drain is into the attic. The water drips down one of the rafters and then ends up staining the ceiling. Well, that is what I hope has happened. I have to go up into the crawl space and take a good look and make sure that is what happened and not something else.

It's times like this I wished I lived with someone or at least had a handy person in my life.


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