Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Someone's Day

A freind of mine in the UK has a birthday tomorrow. I did not get myself organized to send her a card and a e-card seemed so "impersonal". What did I do? I dragged out my calling card ($30 for 1000 US minutes) and made a phone call to the UK while I had my breakfast (it was lunch time for her).

We had a great chat, caught up on each other's lives, gossiped a bit and it made the distance between New England and England that much smaller. Prior to the BK I traveled to the UK a couple times a year. I was able to do that because I could stay with friends, eliminating the cost of a hotel and I'd chip in for a grocery shop for our meals (I am actually a very good guest, I've heard that from several people). I can scope out a discount flight to Manchester and London like no one else can.

Circumstances (finances, life, work, and all my animals) have prevented me from traveling to the UK this past 18 months and I miss my friends there. E-mail is great, but a little face time is even better.

The phone call was good for both of us and I'm glad I made the call.

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