Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better on a Plan

I am just on a roll. Last night was a gym night off and I got a bunch of little things down around the house. I mowed the lawn, re-organized the small garden shed, did some weeding, swept the patio, swept and mopped my kitchen floor, started organizing the laundry for the massive trip to the laundromat on Saturday, made dinner and worked on my to do list for the weekend so I can plan for some ME time.

I've been very lazy about meal planning and working on my shopping list took some time and effort (I had to actually check what was in the food cupboards), but will be worth it. I've gotten back into the bad habit of shopping without a list and making some stupid purchases at the store. I've not been paying attention to my cupboards and subsequently I have 6 pounds of whole grain pasta,which I'm not sure I really like as a "base pasta" and almost no fresh, frozen or canned veg. My meals have been a little unbalanced in terms of the food pyramid. Planning out what I want for dinner that can carry over to lunchovers does take some planning.

Having a plan is a good thing. I'm shopping smarter, using up what is in my food cupboard so I don't end up with really old canned and dried goods, and I'm not tempted to just order that $6 mediocre pizza from the local takeaway. I'm feeling less scattered and more in control of what I am doing, which is a really good thing!

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