Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honoring My Personal Commitments

Graceful Retirement had a wonderful post a few days back where she talks about honoring personal commitments and how they are non negotiable in her life. This got me to thinking about my personal commitments and for me how they are non negotiable for me as well.

I have one big personal commitment and that is to my elderly friend who is unable to care for her dog Poochie. Poochie has ended up a part of my extended animal family and her care and well being have become my responsibility, both personal and financial. Our first big expense will be a trip to the vet for a variety of tests and booster shots (I'm already seeing a $100 plus vet bill,). I'll just sort this out when it's time for the September budget.

I really don't need another dog, especially when I have a dog at home that is very particular about what animals he likes and dislikes, guess what, he dislikes Poochie. Ah well,

As Graceful Retirement said, it's a non negotiable personal committment. I just wish my weekly lottery ticket will win and garner me enough cash to set up new kennel runs in the yard.

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