Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apartment Therapy~My Newest Addiction

My newest addiction is to the web site, Apartment Therapy. They feature a lot of small apartments and I'm getting some good ideas on how to decorate my small house. My house is only 450SF, but not that cute. One of my goals for this year has been to declutter and "make cute" my living space.

I also like Apartment Therapy for it's sister sites, The Kitchen and Green Home. What I also like about the site is that it is personal finance friendly. Many of their great furniture finds are from flea markets, craig's list, Ikea, consignment shops, etc.

Writer post to the site throughout the day, I like to sneak onto the site and see what has been posted. I also love the house tours section of the site. I suffer from great house envy, especially now since I'm dealing with the aftermath of a roof leak, but I just sigh and say one day very soon....


Sallie's Niece said...

OMG I'm hooked on Apartment Therapy as well. I feel like such a voyeur looking at other people's spaces (kind of like reading blogs). Flkr has cool design photo galleries as well.

veronica said...

You're so lucky to have a house. I live in the DC area -- it would take a miracle for me to even afford a condo. It must feel so freeing to have a space you can totally personalize, make your own. :-)

Apartment Therapy said...

In balance to our rent survey of a few days ago and to fill out our reader picture even more (ATNY Size Survey, ATChicago Mortgage Survey), we're hitting up the owners in our audience to see what their carrying costs are.

First of all we have a simple survey to see who owns and who rents, but then we get to the heart of the matter. Plus, some of us may be adding extra principal every month in order to pay off the loan quicker and/or avoid the interest rate varying and/or just hate giving the bank more over the long term.

This will raise the monthly layout considerably.
Mortgage: $583
Maintenance: $446
Now refinance the mortgage a few years ago so it's now only 4.75%.