Friday, August 22, 2008

Cable TV or a Gym Membership?

I don't have cable. I've not had cable as long as I've lived in my little house for a variety of reasons, cost, I really only watch a lot of TV in the dead of winter, etc. Since I got my new TV, I though maybe I'd treat myself to cable for the winter at least. I'd give it a try and see if I really felt it was worth the additional funds.

Now I have a dilemma. I've joined my local gym because my MD said I had to loose 25-30 pounds, had to. I'm too short to be carrying that much weight. I'd been putting off joining a gym, mainly because I'm L-A-Z-Y.

Not anymore. I got tired of looking like a Weeble and when the gym had it's summer sale, I bit the bullet, grabbed my checkbook and signed up for the 11 week trial. I'm now re-hooked on the gym. I used to be long to a health club, I had a personal trainer, I could spin with the best of them, I was very fit. That was a different stage in my life.

I've settled into a routine on my gym days. I have a decent lunch mid day, I eat a Power Bars around 4:30, I head home, deal with the animals (walked, watered and fed), think about my dinner and then grab my kit bag and head off for about an hour plus of exercise. I shower, enjoy a little time in the Sauna and then head home to eat my dinner and the rest of the evening.

I'm seeing the benefits. My jeans are less snug, the scale says I've lost a few pounds and I feel pretty good after I work out, all good things.

As much as I would love to be able to watch non stop HGTV, I'm going to opt out of Cable and instead spend the money on a gym membership. If I can keep my second job to cover the car payment, the gym membership wont' be that much of a hardship. My health is more important than watching House Hunters.


Uncommonadvice said...

How about going cold turkey and cancelling both? Hit the streets instead of going to an expensive gym; knock cable on the head and make your own evening entertainment.

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to hear that you chose the gym! I used to have a gym membership (and no cable), but now I'm too broke to have either.

I watch a lot of TV over the internet. You could also try a Netflix or Blockbuster subscription during the winter...

Grace. said...

Ya gotta have priorities!

This particular couch potato would probably have chosen cable over the gym, but I do think you made the healthier choice.

As for the advice to cancel both--it's probably good financial advice, but my immediate reaction was Bah! Humbug! Ya gotta have SOME fun/flex in your budget.

Bouncing Back said...

Uncommonadvice: I don't have cable at all. I was thinking about getting cable as a winter treat. Try the intro package for 3-6 months as see if I really use it.

I live in a rural area and come the end of September, it will be too dark in the evenings to "hit the streets" (no streetlights and just enough stupid drivers out there) and I know from past experience, that just does not "work" for me, tried that for most of the spring before I broke down and got the gym membership.