Friday, June 13, 2008

Upcoming Weekend Plans

I've been chatting with some friends and we have made plans for next weekend. I will be car pooling with an old college classmate to visit another old college classmate who lives in the town of Litchfield, Connecticut. We try to meet once or twice a year and I am long overdue for a visit with the girls. We have a packed day planned. We are going to do some thrift store shopping, head down to Woodbury for some antique shopping. Woodbury is known as the antique capitol of Connecticut.

We are going to go to White Flower Farm for their open house and tent sale. White Flower Farm is an upscale nursery and I really can't afford their plants. You can get some neat things in the tent sale and I'll be budgeting a very small amount of cash for that. In another life, I bought a lot of plants from White Flower. I just shop at Home Depot now. The gardens are to die for and I just enjoy walking around the property. I wish my gardens could look that nice. After that we are heading into the town of Litchfield for lunch.

What I love about the part of Litchfield is the diversity on Route 63. Just up from White Flower Farm is Bees Fleas and Trees tree farm. It is the childhood home of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. I never knew the movie Coyote Ugly was based on a short story of hers as well. Did you? Check the above Link and look at Trivia. Just up from Bees Fleas and Trees is Arethusa Farm. Arethusa Farm is home to world champion diary cattle. Don't laugh, Litchfield County takes it's dairy farms seriously and as we know, farming is slowly but surely is dying out in New England. Take it from someone who proudly maintains a Farm Bureau membership to help support farming in her state. What I really love about Arethusa Farm is that it is owned by the two gentlemen who have the licensing rights for Manolo Blahnik shoes in the USA. That's right, the shoes made famous by Carrie and Company in Sex and The City help support a world class dairy farm. The farm is not open to the public, but I've driven by it before and it is beautiful.

I'm actually looking forward to the trip!

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