Friday, June 13, 2008

Actually Sticking to The Plan

Part of my plan for this month was to spend as little money as possible in the grocery store and plan my meals from whats in my cupboard. I've been pretty good about it. I've been thawing food to eat, making bread, cooking pasta, making soup, soaking beans~pretty much making an in roads to the food and staples I have in my pantry. I used up a bunch of chicken, a packet of hot dogs, some chicken stock, two bags of frozen veg, miscellaneous half boxes of pasta, bits and pieces of cheese for a know, making due and improvising for my meals. I'm trying to stay OUT of the grocery store unless there is something I really really need. I was buying food products for the heck of it. I have this bad habit of checking out the dented can section and buying cans I did not necessarily need, but got them because they were there. How many cans of refried beans does ONE person need in their house.

I also put myself on a new shopping routine. I don't use a cart unless it's for a big shop. I get a hand basket so I am less likely to toss things in my basket (too heavy too carry) and I don't over shop. Seems to be working for me. I'm buying only what I need. I'm tempted sometimes by something I see (eggplants on sale, four kinds of mushrooms in the reduced produce bin would make a great mushroom soup, a beef shin bone, perfect for making beef stock for onion soup) but my plan for this month is to use UP what I have and not become Julia Child. I do have to figure out what to do with what is either Couscous or very fine baby pastina in a jar.

I've also been really good about not buying beer or wine this month. I did have a couple beers over the weekend, I went out for pizza and had a couple drinks. I'm getting old, I got home and crashed after dinner. Maybe it was not the beer and the 90 degree plus heat?

As I had stated in an earlier post, I do much better with a plan, weather it's monetary or food planning!

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