Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Need a New Nemesis

I've been struggling with some issues the past few weeks, the big one has been a lack of motivation and desire to do things with my life. I blame part of this on my own laziness, I blame part of this on a wave of incoming un-seasonal depression, I blame it on not having a nemesis. Not having a nemesis sounds better than floundering around life and not being able to set concrete goals for my self even though I am an adult.

The laziness is part in parcel with the un-seasonal depression and the lack of a nemesis. It's been easy (almost too easy) to just go with the flow. I've admitted before that I do better with some competition in my life. I need measurable goals, I need yard sticks, I need prizes, rosettes, awards and first place ribbons. I want to be better than someone or many someones. I want the freaking recognition of a job well done.

Jenn at Jennsylvania says her nemesis is "a person who's achieved what I want and then I watch and emulate her every move, all the while despising her with the fire of 10,000 angry (immature) suns."

My problem-the two areas that I would like to ah, improve, in my life in both can offer me a nemesis, but the two people I would use as a yard stick are very very nice. They don't fit the Jennsylvannia description of a nemesis. And I find it hard to despise these two folks whom I like a lot as people and have great respect for. In one area, I probably could find a new nemesis to use as a yard stick, but honestly, the folks I could despise don't have anything I want nor have they achieved anything I desire. Humm, predicament.

So what's a Betty to do. I am off to the MD tomorrow for a yearly check up and will discuss the unseasonal depression with her and see if it needs to be addressed on a more advanced level (I'm almost happily wallowing in my own self pity right now). I will have to take some time to sit down this upcoming weekend and re-do my goal list. It's been too easy to keep the monthly goals things like-paint the cabinets, weed the flower beds, at this point, those just become seasonal chores and not goals. I will look at the two area's in my life that can have a potential nemesis and see if I can find new ones.

What has this got to do with personal finance. It's actually about not getting complacent, not losing site of what your goal is, it's about maybe taking a step back and re-evaluting your financial picture and seeing what needs to be modified, adapted, or changed. Sometimes I think we lose motivation in our financial endeavours because we lose site of our goals, or our goals see so far away and out of reach. And I think we need to find a nemesis to give us a little more inspiration to tackle our debt and work towards our goals.

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