Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Decluttering Continues With Modifications

I’m on the slow but steady path to decluttering my life. I got back from the consignment shop my clothes that did not sell. I trucked them right to the Goodwill donation center. I have a load of books on Half.com that are not selling, so I pulled them out of my inventory and dropped them off at the library donation center for their book sale, I’m still working on meal planning from my cupboards, I’ve purged the sock and underwear drawer, I’ve still got a way to go. I’ve listed a small pile of stuff on Freecycle and folks are coming to pick it up. I like a certain amount of clutter around me, I can never go totally Zen in my house and decorations, I like some “stuff”, but I am getting better about getting rid of “stuff”.

I am also working on my paper clutter. One goal for this year is to scan my paper documents and keep e-files instead of paper files. While going through the wads of paper I have, I found an envelope from Dell. I financed my laptop through Dell and I sort of remember that I was supposed to get some sort of a discount that was never applied to my account. My Dell account was paid in full and closed out way before the BK, so I think that was one reason why I never really read the contents of the envelope. I should have. Dell was offering to customers who financed computers during the time I did, a $75 credit to your account or a $75 check if you had closed your account. Since my account was closed, all I had to do was fill out this from and drop it back in the mail. BUT IT HAD TO BE INTO DELL IN MID 2007, NOT 2008. Crickets, practically “free” money, but I did not read my freaking mail and have lost out on $75.

I read all my junk mail. I shred most of it, especially the credit offers I’m still getting in the mail (yet another one today for a car loan). Point to this, even though you may think you are getting junk mail, it could very well be money coming to you. Just take a few minutes to READ instead of just to STUFF the envelopes in a drawer or in the trash.

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Beautiful said...

That is a genius idea. I got a new flash drive that holds 8GB. I can scan my marriage and divorce decrees,bankruptcy papers, tax info and all onto it. I never really thought of doing that can do away with all of the paper clutter. Thank you for another great idea.