Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Good Day Visiting

As posted previously, I spent yesterday catching up with some of my college friends. The day started out with breakfast out (thanks to me not checking my breakfast supplies, sour milk and no eggs...) and a short trip to my friend G's house. G drove down to Litchfield to our other college friends home. We had a happy morning going to a couple thrift shops, one amazing church fair, a couple tag sales and the White Flower Farm tent sale. I stuck to my self imposed budget and only spent $30, actually $31.80 with tax, but was able to get some presents for some upcoming birthdays and a two items for ME. We did also stop at a regular womens clothing store and I picked up two fun summer skirts on sale. I had re-evaluated my wardrobe last month and a some new clothing was in "the grand plan." I was happy about the prudent purchases both at the tent sale and out shopping. Plus I treated G to lunch and she paid for the gas to and from Litchfield, I think I got the better deal.

Both G and I did discuss that as much as we love making the drive to Litchfield a couple times a year to see our mutual friend and having a girls day out, we noticed that in the past three years she does not make a reciprocal trip up to see us and the last two times we organized events by us, our mutal freind did not make the trip. We may live in a rural area, but there are things to do locally and in neighboring towns. I think G was more put out by this than I was and I'm not sure why. I pointed out to G that we always drove to see our mutual friend, or we always went to her dorm room to study or watch TV, she never came to either one of our apartments or dorm rooms when we were in college. Old habits die hard? G said she was going to organize an early fall day out up in our area instead of us driving to Litchfield.

While I was happy to see my friends and I have been pleased with my plan to get out and about a bit more now that I'm feeling better about my fiscal situation, I am very happy to have next weekend be a stay at home weekend. I'm not planning any DIY projects, I have no plans to see anyone (family or friends), I think the highlight of my weekend will be mowing my lawn and I'm going to see if I can have one day where I don't get in my car and drive anywhere-town dump, laundromat, grocery store-just a truly stay at home day.

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:) said...

I lurrrrrrve stay at home and do nothing days. Sounds great. Relax, get out in the garden and sit in the sunshine with a book, ahhhhh sounds like bliss!

C xxx