Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Second Job News~for once!

The good news is I picked up some shifts for the road groom work the beginning of July-at least 3 if not 4 days!. Woo Hoo! That means my goal of extra income to cover the car payment will be met. I don't think I'll make my June goal, but I'm not giving up the ghost yet, I may get to work the last full weekend in June, that is TBD, but July is confirmed.

The other good news is I actually have a serious real estate client. They want to buy a small house as an investment, have a decent amount of money to put as a down payment and have already been working with a reputable lender. They have done this before, purchase a second home as an income producing property, so they know the ropes. We looked at some properties on Saturday and will look again this upcoming week or weekend. Keep your fingers crossed on this one, it could be a quick sale and a quick close and I'll earmark those funds earned for the Efund and Car Note fund.

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