Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid Purchases

I was feeling a little peckish on my errand run today. I brought my lunch to work, ate it, but still wanted SOMETHING when I was out. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and bought~a Pizza. Yes a pizza at a place that is known for it's coffee and donuts. AND the pizza was barely edible. Why did I buy a pizza at a donut shop? I have no idea other than I was hungry, not in the mood for a breakfast sandwich and thought I'd try the pizza.

It was overcooked on top, barely cooked on the bottom crust and very very small. I label this a "Stupid Purchase". Come on, this is not rocket science, pizza from a donut place? Plus by the time I got the pizza and an Extra Large Ice Tea it was $6. For a dollar more I could have gotten a really yummy sandwich with the works, chips and pickles at the local restaurant and that probably would have sufficed for lunch AND dinner.

This lead me to think about other stupid purchases I have made- the Shop Vac when my Hoover died last fall, the really inadequate canister vac I got at Christmas, the shorts I bought because they were on sale (and literally lasted three washings before they fell apart), the bike messenger bag I used as a briefcase that also could not stand up to travel...... the list goes on and on. Admit it folks, we have all made and still make stupid purchases.

I know those above items are not the only stupid purchases I've made, but they are the most recent ones I can remember. I won't admit some of the other stupid purchases I've made, they were pretty dumb. I know it was easy for me to make "stupid purchases" when I used credit cards way back when. What did Karyn Bosnak say, 'Swipe, Sign and it was Mine'....

This goes back to a post I had previously about planning out your purchases and doing your homework when you buy something-even something inexpensive and even your lunch. The canister vac was on sale and it was sooo easy to justify the purchase at that moment in time. Again, had I read the reviews (and almost all of them are bad), I would not have purchased this particular model. Had I used more than 5 seconds of brain power, I would have realized Pizza from a Donut Shop is not the best use of my money. I mean, I've stopped into DD in the middle of the day to get a coffee and really did not see anyone snacking on the pizza-I should have REMEMBERED that.

Oh well, next time I'm feeling a bit hungry at Dunkin Donuts, I'll opt for a muffin.

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