Friday, April 11, 2008

They Still Keep Calling.......

My phone rang again last night and this time instead of just picking it up, I looked at the caller ID. Which was good, it was the car loan folks, I jotted down their number and posted it by the phone (yes at times I have NO life) probably wanting to waste my time again selling me a product I have no interest in. Since they did not leave a message, I can only guess it's a marketing call and not to "verify my information" as they keep saying.

I'm just wondering what part of please-don't-call-me,-just-mail-me they don't understand.


L@SpillingBuckets said...

Is there a way you can block the number? Or call management to complain about being harrased? (not sure it's worth it, but they do seem annoying)

mbf said...

Hi there,

According to the Fair Debt law, that is harrassment. I'd have to find the details, but if you write a letter stating to cease and desist all phone calls to my resident or job or wherever, they will stop.

You can cc the Better Business Bureau as well.

Also add in, to send all information via writing only.

This has worked very well from me and they have to stop.

I have to find the letter if you are interested.

mbf said...

Sorry, just a PS.

The letter I sent, was not to say I would not pay, it was just to say, all communication should be done via mail only. Now my phone does not ring ever. Anything they have to tell me they write me. I still pay the monthly debt but if I am late, etc... they don't call. Hope that made sense, I know I'm rambling.

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