Sunday, April 20, 2008

Less Clutter, Better Mindset

True to my word, I did a small de-cluttering of the house. I set up the new to me computer, tidied my desk and made it usable, filed some papers, organized some tax receipts (gasp-getting ready for NEXT tax season so soon!), reclaimed my kitchen table as a place to sit down and eat at instead of it being an additional desk, did a dump, laundry, returnable run, got the propane tank refilled for the grill, did a small grocery shop, cleaned the garbage pails I use for returnables and recycleables, did the ironing, put the clean clothes away and managed to get a hair cut fit in. All that on Saturday and I naturally spent Sunday being a lazy slob watching a coup DVD's and some re-runs on Fox. I think I deserved a day of doing nothing, osrting through my clothes to see what can go to Goodwill or the consignment shop can wait a few days.

I just could not take the mess anymore. As I said before, having all the clutter around and on my counters made it so I was tempted just to pack it in and buy my meals. I have lots of food in the cupboards and I want to get rid of the freezer reserves. I also like the fact that I can sit down at my table for dinner. I feel more in control of my life.

The weather is improving here in New England and my mindset is getting better as well. I plan on using the nice weather to do some spring chores that are not inside ones. Sweet.

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