Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Local ER is Not Seattle Grace

I had an unexpected trip to the ER yesterday. I had planned a half day at the office and the rest of the day was a work at home day-which I was looking forward to hanging out and working from home. I don't normally get a work from home day.

Before I started my project, I decided to do a mini yard clean up. I stacked a bunch of metal fence posts in a pile (at shoulder height-can you see where this is leading.......). I started to rake up some old leaves, and leaned down to pick up a rock. No problem, raked a bit more, went to lean down again and this time I whacked my head in the end of fence post. Not quite impaling the post in the middle of my forehead, but hitting my head hard enough to see stars (blue and white ones). DAMMM I staggered back, clamped my hand to my head and swore. Alot and loud. Some how one post slipped or I did not push it back all the way, or something.

I managed to get myself into the house, looked in the bathroom mirror and decided that the rapidly growing bleeding bump needed medical attention. I could not tell if I needed stitches or not, but the gash was a good three inches long. Off to the ER I went (mind you now, since this was the middle of the day, no one was home in the area to drive me to the ER). I walked into the ER holding a bag of ice and a slightly bloody washcloth to my head.

Drat, no Dr. McDreamy or Dr. McSteamy in my local ER. Just some very nice and very competent folks who checked me in and got me seen fairly quickly by the PA on call. We all agreed that it was nothing but a stupid accident (hum, lets deliberately slam ones head into a metal fence post) The Verdict, no concussion, too much of a scrape to use stitches (they glued my cut together), and a lovely bruise on my forehead the size of a Cadbury Chocolate Easter Egg. It's still tender to the touch and I look oh so fabulous this am.

I spent the afternoon on the couch with a bag of ice on my head.


nklsmom said...

we've all done it.. and lived thru it :) hope you're feeling better soon.

JW said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out alright.

no more spending said...

Ooh that must of hurt! I'm glad you're ok.

Its a shame there was no McDreamy on hand :)