Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Second Job Update-Part 500

I've blabbered on in a number of posts about my quest to find a second job. Part of my dilemma is location, part is fussiness and part is money. My prospective job at a local horse farm has not panned out as I had hoped. I had hoped to be well into my second month of part time work. Twas not to be.

BUT-I did pick up a part time position working for the same horse trainer as a" road groom". It involves some travel, lots of getting up early to be on the road, lots of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and working outside in all sorts of weather, but most of the upcoming events are within a two hour drive of home. The pay is pretty good, the hours are long and I have to work with young ladies and gentlemen way younger than I. It makes me feel old, I did this type of work when I was 17 years old.

It is a temporary solution to my second job hunt, working two to three weekends will give me enough cash to cover the car note. I will have gas expense (I have this thing I need to use my own car if possible) and probably end up packing my own lunch (one can only eat so much road food). That's OK by me. It's a job.

Actually, now that the weather is getting better, this won't be such a bad second job. I'll still be looking for a steadier position close to home (or hope and pray for a couple house sales!).

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