Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Official, It's Harrassement

Yup, the marketing calls from the car loan folks keep coming! I spent Friday night out with friends, Saturday ALL day visiting family and my aged Auntie who was sick in February. I had a good time, albeit, spent a fortune in gas, but it was worth every gallon and penny.

For giggles, I did scroll through the caller ID and saw that the car loan folks have called a total of 9 times between Thursday night and Sunday AM. It's official, I'm calling this harassment. As I said before, if they desperately needed to verify information, they could have left a message. This is nothing but a new form of telemarketing at it's worst.

I jotted down each phone number with date and time and I have a very nice list written out. I even went as far as to call each number back (I did it this morning at work) and got a message saying "This is ______ bank, if you know your parties exentsion, please dial it now." I'm going to be sending a letter to the car loan folks saying STOP THE FREAKING PHONE CALLS. This is just outta hand.

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Classic stuff. I have a similar think happening with me know calling to ask about a payment on a credit card. When I call back I get a recorded message!

Great blog as well - I'll be adding to my reading list.

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You can run but you can not hide, I am excellent at Tag.

Gotcha, you are it!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read through all your various posts, but from past knowledge, I know that having an reaffirmed car note opens a lot of closed doors allowing the creditor a lot more leeway before it becomes harrassment. You probably signed a form allowing continued contact as part of the deal of reaffirmation. Even if you feel injured on some level, could you afford to fight it in court?