Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Grocery Budget Challenge

I added up my grocery shopping bills and to date I have spent $58.21 on food for me. I did buy a case of seltzer water, the expensive organic greens and a large box of crackers at Costco. The water and crackers should last me until next week, the crackers probably until the end of the month. I drink the seltzer water instead of soda, my well water sometimes tastes off and honestly, I like the bubbles! I did a fruit and veg shop at the really cool ethnic market. They had a ten pound bag of onions for $2.00, but I really don't have the space or plans for ten pounds of onions, I got two pounds for 79c.

I can't complain that I am lacking in the food department. I have lots of things in my larder and freezer and I'm making enough food at dinner time to get me at least one, if not two lunches and one extra dinner. And I have not even tackled half of my planned menu ideas.

This is good. I just don't go to the grocery store to "see what might be good for dinner". That's OK every so often, but my food purchases were out of control for a while. I'm getting better at controlling the urge to stress shop as well. Plus it's good to do a cupboard clean out and restock with fresh items. Even dried pasta has a shelf life! I think I can do this $100 april food bill.

I ran out of gas for my gas grill, I do have to refill the propane tank, and it will be good to get back into the grilling mode now that the weather is getting better!


nklsmom said...

You're doing really well.. You're making me wish for a grill! :)
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read your blog often and enjoy the content. I am specifically commenting on the selzter water purchase. About 3 years ago, while visiting friends in Germany , we saw they they had a "Soda Club fountain jet" It's a thing that you attach a C02 cartridge to so you can "fizz" your own water or soda. We just use it for water. It's about $90-100 for the machine and we exchange the cartridge every two months for $21 (we drink ALOT of water at work) We are still using the same bottles that we got in 2005. I have always been too cheap to buy water but this works for us. Just an idea!

Bouncing Back said...


Anonymous-Thanks for stopping by and the feed back.

I've read about cartridges that can make water fizz they are just really hard to find, at least around here (not that I've tried all that hard either I will admin :). I do know that there are distributors in New York City who still make and deliver Seltzer in glass bottles,Sammy's Roumanian (sp) Steak House serves seltzer that way.

Part of my problem is I'm on shared well with, at times, funky tasting water. My concern should I find the cartridges that now my seltzer water would taste funky.

But that being said, I should look into a system. Seltzer water is my drink of choice. In the long run, it could save me $$. Good idea and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of the well water might make the water taste weird. We use the 5 gallon bottled water at work to fizz up. We found our set at Boater's World, which I thought was a weird place but we've been going there for 3 years. Good luck!