Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Letter I Sent Out Today at Lunch~Need I Say More?

Dear X Bank

I am writing to follow up on my phone request to be taken off your marketing call list. I recently purchased a car and X Bank is the lender. I have received between April 3, 2008 and April 15, 2008 twenty six phone calls on my caller ID and not one phone message. Six of which were on my Caller ID on April 15th alone. This is after I had asked twice to have my phone number removed from the call list.

The first time the young lady said she needed to verify my information, but proceeded to try and give me a marketing speech. When I asked what information she needed verified, she asked if I had a pen and paper handy to jot down some information. I told her I already had a letter from X Bank outlining the terms and conditions of my loan and again what information she wanted verified. She never told me what information she wanted verified. I then told her to please remove me from the call list and that X Bank was welcome to mail me any information about their products and services. The young lady who called last week wanted to know if there was an alternative phone number that I could be called at. I told her no, no phone calls period, home or work. I had this same phone conversation three times, the most recent this evening when I received a phone call from someone named Marjorie. Marjorie even started the conversation by saying I see in our records you have refused phone calls.

I did not refuse phone calls, I asked to be taken off the marketing list, especially since no one was able to tell me what information they wanted verified, not even the manager I spoke with this evening, Alan M....... In fact, Mr. M....... told me that it is policy to ignore the first request to be put on a no call list. I believe that is illegal and against both state and federal law to ignore the request to be taken off of a call list if a customer so wishes. Mr. M....... supposedly assured me that after this evening, I would not be bothered again.

Not once in the 23 times that I did not answer the phone did X Bank leave a message informing me that they needed any information verified, not once. If it was so important that information needed to be verified, then XBank should have been able to leave me a message at least once.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my States Attorney General's Office.

The call list (all numbers start with xxx-xxx)
April 15th 7:48 PM 3508
5:24 PM 4033
4:26 PM 5011
2:54 PM 3533
1:24 PM 3508
10:51 AM 5011

April 14th 1:48 PM 3508
12:23 PM 3533

April 12th 3:24 PM 4003
9:29AM 5011

April 11th 7:56 PM 3533
1:49 PM 3508

April 10th 8:42 AM 5011
1:42 PM 5011

April 9th 12:22 PM 3508
8:38 AM 4003

April 8th 6:14 PM: 4003
1:43 PM 3508

April 7th 8:28 AM 3508

April 6th 11:28 AM 5011

April 5th 4:40 PM 4003

April 4th 9:28 AM 4003

April 3rd 4:55 PM 4003
1:13 PM 4003
9:07 AM 5011


Jon said...

Maybe they don't leave messages due to privacy concerns (i.e. anybody could listen to it). I've never had a voicemail from any bank or credit card company.

That is interesting that the person you spoke to said they ignore the first request. I think it's really too bad that there isn't a cheap, easy to use phone recording device that works like a TiVo. In other words, it's *always* recording, and after the phone call you can either ignore it (and it'll be deleted) or you can save it permanently.

Bouncing Back said...

Jon: I think the way the law is they can't just talk to anyone about your account, but they can leave a message saying please call X Bank to discuss your account. In fact, when I applied for the car loan, I transposed two digits of my work phone number and they did indeed leave a message on my machine asking to verify my work phone number.

I'm guessing since they autodial for marketing purposes, if they don't get a live voice, they don't leave a message.

I'd love to have a phone recording device on my end, especially since a lot of these calls are now taped on their end.

SavingDiva said...

I hope you stop receiving so many calls!

undercover vixen said...

this is the craziest thing i have ever heard (read). Did you really send a copy to your attorney general?