Monday, February 18, 2008

Travel Adds Up Fast

Over the past two days I've spend close to $85 in gas, tolls, parking, subway and train fare driving to and from home to see the favorite Auntie (and the other relatives) in the Hospital. Driving to the train station, taking the train ($25 R/T off peak), $10 subway pass, lunch $10 (forgot to pack snacks)-that was Saturday. I drove on Sunday and had to top off the gas tank, pay for parking (could not find a street spot), pay tolls, lunch again- I think I spent the $80 I took out of the bank on Friday and some $$ in my wallet. My cousins don't realize that for me to go to NYC is a lot of time as well as money. They tend to forget I live in the middle of nowhere and public transportation is almost non exsistent. Almost without exception, they live close to the city and can hop a commuter train with relative ease. They do wonder why I choose to live where I do (and single to boot without a husband or live in boyfriend-which I think perplexes them more than living rural), not many of them understand the "country life". At least my Auntie was very pleased to see me and knows the hike it was to come down both days.

None of this was "budgeted" for, so I'll add it to the appropriate categories next week and see how it goes.

I did get my deposit last week and the two checks for the house photo shoot, and I have a hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow after work. I can at least, feel a bit less frumpy with a little salon time and then think about the March budget.

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Ms. M&P said...

Travel gets me every year. If it's not local traveling, it's weddings... I think it's good that you're getting your hair done ;) I just got mine done and it makes me feel like a new person!