Friday, February 15, 2008

Still on a Second Job Hunt

Hot on the heels of my whinging on about my budget, I'm still in the hunt for a second job. As I knew, the Real Estate job is not exactly bringing in tons of clients. I've got a whopping two clients and that is two more than I had last month. I do think it will net me a decent commission at some point this year.

My prospective job in the animal field a 2.5 weekends a month (which would be ideal in terms of time and money) is still just that, prospective, and may or may not start until late March. Frustrating....

If I had the second job I could with a slightly clearer conscious, go new-to-me-car-shopping. The verdict at the last oil change was the next tune up or repair would be yet again close to $1,000 and I'm not willing to drop $1,000 on the next car repair (not when I have over 230,000 miles on this car and it is now starting to show it's age) when I would rather put it toward a new to me car purchase. If I had the second job, I could swing a car payment and the increase in the insurance and have to bite the bullet with a slightly high interest rate car loan.

I was given a couple other suggestions for some prospective work and I am going to go back and pursue those as well. Onward and upward!


Jon said...

Did you buy your current car used?

Also, what's this job in the animal field?

CindyS said...

I want to hear more about the prospective animal field job too.

Just stopped by to catch up and see how things were going.

Ugly Debty said...

I work in the legal side of buying/selling houses. It's a lot of work to get the clients in the door so you have my sympathies :)

Bouncing Back said...

I bought my current car new with only 41 miles on it and it is currently 8.5 years olds and just passed the 232,000 mile mark yesterday. The work that needs to be done is yearly tune up, replace a sensor, work on the exhaust and the AC died last year. To fix the AC would be between $700 and $1400 alone (and I will admit I like the AC in the summer, especially when I travel).

The job in the animal field would be working for a horse trainer who travels to shows and events almost year round. He needs staff to either travel with him (which I can do locally on weekends) or oversee operations at his farm when he travels. One member of his current staff has given notice that they are leaving/moving in March. I can "drop in" to the slot and would rotate the duties with another person. A lot of this depends on how he organizes his current staff. It's not every weekend and that is fine by me if I make enough to cover the car payment.