Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The First Real DING Post Bankruptcy

One thing you hear when you are going bankrupt is that the BK may affect your insurance rates. I have had the same car insurance company for 8 years, they are OK, my agent is OK, but not great.

I had switched my homeowners insurance last year, (prior to the BK) got the same policy and coverage as I had before at about a 15% discount. I got it through the Farm Bureau and I get discounts on all sorts of things as a member of the Farm Bureau (and living in a rural area, lots of local businesses "accept" my Farm Bureau membership card.)

I had done a search for less expensive car insurance with two companies, both came back with much higher rates for the same policy on my old car ($300 dollars more). The main reason was the BK. I just find it funny, I had looked into changing companies last year pre the BK and never got around to it, I was too pre-occupied with the BK to just make the change. I had late payments everywhere as I tried to sort through the mess that was my fiscal life, yet it would have been able to get cheaper insurance with all those issues hanging over my head. Now without them, but just the C7 discharge on my record, I'm being "penalized" by higher premiums. Oh well, I was warned to expect this.

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