Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Lure of Trader Joe's

I love Trader Joes. If I lived closer to one I'd shop there on a daily basis. The closest one to me is about 30 miles away and I only go when I'm on my way home and traveling by the store. I stopped the other day and spend $40 on groceries and a few other assorted items. Out of that $40, $15 was spent on things like a bouquet of flowers, body scrub, and pate. The pate was on sale and I wanted a little food treat! I could have easily spent an additional $40 on food, but lack of freezer space kept me from blowing my entire food budget.

I was out of some of the sauces and condiments I use in cooking and part of this shopping trip was to restock my cupboards with these items and I got a few of TJ's ready meals. My lunchovers have been dismall these past few weeks and at least having a pad thai bowl to bring to work is at least better than spending $7-$9 on lunch out.

I'm planning a couple days of cooking so I can at least have some decent leftovers for lunch next week and resist the urge to stop by TJ's again this weekend as I drive on by.........

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