Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early March Goals, Updates on February and Plans

I decided I needed some motivation on the lunch front. I joined Krystal and company in the bring your lunch to work everyday during March Challenge. I will admit that at the beginning of each month, I tend to buy my lunch (a pattern I've noticed these past few months). I've decided to stock up on my lunch treats and have been working on my grocery list. I'll also do some better meal planning in March so I can have some decent leftovers for lunch and plan out my grocery shopping to include things for sandwiches and salads. Since I'm already in charge of the office snack purchases, I'm pretty good about not buying miscellaneous snacks.

What gets me is

1) forgetting my lunch, not having an emergency stash of food at the office and
2) Craving a soda or another bottled drink when I do my mid day post office run.

On the Lenten goals, I did slip over the weekend. I gave myself the challenge to give up beer for Lent. While in NY this past weekend I automatically ordered a beer to go with my burger at lunch both days and when it came I drank it totally forgetting I was going to pass on beer for Lent. Oopps! But I have not bought any beer for the house and I'm going to stick to my plan to abstain from beer (which by the way I love) for the Lenten season.

The no spend days are OK, not great, I had one yesterday (pat myself on the back), I'm getting motivated to find a second job (I need to replace my car!), and the garden planning for spring warms my soul when it's 12F outside (like today).

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