Friday, February 15, 2008

Mid Month Overview with Minimal Progress

My zero based budget is not going as planned and I'm not happy. For some reason, last months Health Insurance Payment (my share) did not make it and I had to pay a double premium. My one dog (who likes to chew paper) chewed and demolished my mobile phone over the weekend as well. I had extra gas a travel expenses (trip to Jersey Shore for brief R&R) and my freaking electric bill was almost $300 this past month.

Since I like my mobile carrier, I logged onto their web site, purchased a new phone ($40 with a new one year contract). The other phone was damaged beyond repair (as well as being three years old, ancient for a mobile phone) and I'm lucky the dog did not get sick from puncturing the battery.

I don't know why my part of the insurance payment did not make it to my account, but it did not and I had to pay to keep from being cancelled.

Lastly, my electric bill was flipping huge this past month. In terms of energy consumption, about the same as last year, but my energy supplier raised it's rates and that added to my bill. I had hoped to see a decrease in consumption for the month of January (turning off lights, lowered heat, using less electricity overall or so I though), but 'twas not to be. This was over and above the $149 I feel like I just paid to the electric company.

AND one of my elderly Aunties is in the hospital and this weekend means I have to drive or train to NYC both Saturday and Sunday. Family obligations call and it means either driving to Manhattan and paying for parking or driving to a commuter Train Station and then taking a train and the subway to the hospital. Both days will be a get up and leave early, come home late, spend more money in transportation costs, I figure around $60-$80 in gas, tolls, trains, cabs, subways, parking,etc.

I’ll do a look in my cupboards and do a meal planning for the next two weeks using what items I have in the freezer, fridge and in my cupboard cabinet. The good news is other than a small grocery shop planned to round out the meal planning, I don’t think I have any bills that need paying until after the 1st of March. All this means I just won't have the extra money I thought I would that was earmarked for my Emergency Fund.

The upside is I sold a whopping $12 worth of stuff on and picked up two photo shoots of houses, so I've earned an additional $42 in extra income and I've earmarked that for an overdue haircut. I should put it in the E Fund, but I'm feeling a bit frumpy and need to feel a little more glamorous. Personal pampering is key.

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