Friday, February 22, 2008

Stupid Purchases

Graceful Retirement put up a post about her blog and her lack of regular posting or worrying about posting about the mundane aspects of life . I don't mind reading about the mundane aspects of life, or the things we tried and did not succeed at. We try things and either we are successful or we are not. It shows we are all human! Plus I like to read about just us regular folks.

I totally admit, I sometimes I get annoyed when I read blogs and I hear about folks who got $100 worth or groceries for $50, or they are already over half way to their Roth IRA max for the year and this is only February, or they went under budget on groceries,or they made an unexpected killing on E-Bay or they resisted Starbucks for three months, or they are sooo upset that they went over their gas budget by $2 or what ever! It seems like we never hear about the over budget mishaps (unless it's a major thing like an unexpected car repair), or they blew their entertainment budget drinking Margarita's at happy hour. I'd like to reach through the Internet sometimes and give them a little bit (OK big) shake. Sometimes.

I'm human, I make mistakes, I will make mistakes. I'm admitting to two really stupid purchases these past couple months.

In October, my vacuum cleaner died. It was about 11 years old and died. I loved my Eureka Canister vac. It did it's job and did it well. Silly me went and replaced it with a small Shop Vac. The Shop Vac was on sale for $35 (give or take a few $$) and while it does suck up the animal hair and large dust balls around the house, it is not exactly cut out to be a carpet vacuum cleaner. Plus is spews out fine dust and that gets everywhere. What the hell was I thinking when I bought this sucker? Who remembers at this point? Point being, this was a wasted purchase and a waste of $35 and I still broom swept the carpets to get up pet hair.

To replace the Shop Vac, when I had my post Christmas shopping meltdown, I ended up at the K-Mart and bought this little bag less canister vacuum. It's very cute, it's yellow and I hate it. It does not do a great job sucking up the animal hair from the carpets (something I am a freak about, I have pets, but I don't need pet hair all over my floors) and it's little. I thought the little would be OK. I don't have a ton of storage space, but this little (did I say it was little) vac fills up after about 5 minutes of use. I do have to give it credit, it seems to do an excellent job sucking up dirt, the dirt canister gets full, it just does not really get all the animal hair out of the carpet.

This means I know have two fairly useless vacuums. My solution, save up some $$$ and buy a decent canister vacuum in a month or two (I don't like uprights). I will probably keep the Shop Vac but probably sell the little one on Craig's list. Until then, I'll use the little yellow vac, and borrow the neighbors "real" vacuum every so often to help de-hair the carpets.

Human, yes I am.


L said...

Have you thought about taking either vacuum back? You could just...ahem...return it "without" the receipt and get store credit towards the purchase of a new vacuum. Usually those big-stores like Walmart and Kmart are good about returns, even if the vacuum is used?

Leah Ingram said...

I, too, recently replaced my vacuum cleaner, though I waffled back and forth about how to replace it, as you can see on my blog The Lean Green Family. Anyway, I ended up going with another Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner, and though it was expensive, it is doing a fantastic job. It really works well with pet hair. You might want to consider a Kenmore (and Sears isn't paying me to endorse their product). Good luck. A bad vacuum cleaner really sucks--especially when it doesn't suck, LOL!