Monday, October 29, 2007

Tale of The Tape-October

Even though October is not quite over, here is the Tale of the October Tape

Mortgage: $553
Car: $320.98
Gas: $221.08
Health Insurance: $94.03
Food: $133.19
Eating Out: $16.99
Donations: $91
Car Insurance: $184
Student Loans: $347.86
Dues: $70.76
Car Rental: $385.00
Unaccountable $37.00

Total: $2,485.47

The car rental was reimbursed to me $250, but not noted in the above, I just got the reimbursement for that the other day, I did a double student loan payment and car insurance payment (the new car insurance company I looked at ended up not being a better deal in the end so quickly jumped back to the old company). Gas was high as I had rented the SUV for the trip and it ate a ton of gas. Over half my gas money spent was for gas for the rental vehicles.

Like I posted earlier, I considered September a bad month, October even worse, but both months a learning experience, this budget does not include the latest car repair, that check did not clear my account yet.

By looking at the bank print out, I have $137.00 that I have labeled unaccountable and misc. I know I took money out of my checking account ($100) for cash on hand and the remainder was two Target Shopping's, but without the receipts in hand, I could not tell you what I spend $137 on. I know part of the $37 from Target was for cleaning supplies, but dammed if I know what the rest was on. Quicken here I come.

I badly crumpled my receipt envelope at some point this past month and it got moved out of my purse and so did my "record keeping". I did find a very nice leather receipt wallet I got as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. Out of the drawer it came and into my purse. No excuses now, every receipt gets put in that wallet and as part of my November goal, to document where the money goes.

This is really sad and I'm kinda depressed by it all today.


Jon said...

On the bright side you have an admirably low food budget. Nice!

SavingDiva said...

At least you're finding old things (like the receipt holder) and finding new uses for it! :)