Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Love Free or Almost Free Stuff

Being bankrupt means you have to find creative ways to get the things you need and want. I still can't believe how much money I spent last month (and used up any excess in my checking account).

Trying to remain optimistic I have taken to re-reading my two Freecycle lists and Craig's List under the free section. Freecycle is a Yahoo group where folks offer for free, items that they no longer want or need, or they post for items they might need. I see all kinds of items on the list from old cars good for parts to clothes, books, toys, etc.

I have given away a bunch of miscellaneous kitchen equipment, miscellaneous dog equipment, an old mink coat, my old mountain bike that sat outside for 3 years and needed a major tune up I did not have the time or energy to do, divided up perennials flowers from my garden that originally came from a very upscale local nursery, wire garden fencing and posts (recycled from someone else, I had too many, used what I needed and offered the rest stating they were used from another project), extra lawn chairs, and books that did not sell on Craig's list, E-Bay or

I have gotten a really nice dog house, a really nice bread machine that I use weekly, and a Thule rack with locks for my car (I only needed to order a new set of keys from Thule, cost $8). The search for the Thule rack was done in a moment of desperation, I needed a rack for my car, could not find one for less than $350 that would fit my older model Saturn and I needed it fast. That was my best item received and it has worked out great for me.

I tend to post items offered more than items wanted, but now that my expendable income is almost nill, time to go back to items wanted!

Depending on where you live, freecycle is a great way to get used items you need.

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gildedbutterfly said...

I love Freecycle! And it's such a great feeling to know that you're not just throwing stuff away, or dumping in the back of a closet somewhere, but actually giving it to someone who really needs it.