Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Weekend Round Up

The money spent

Gas: $51.49
Outlet Shopping: $184.88
(2 shirts, 2 skirts, 2 prs shoes, 1 pr sunglasses, 1 totebag)
Misc. Eats and Treats: $12.91

Total Spent: $266.28

I have "leftover gas" from the trip and probably won't have to do my weekly fill up until Friday. I'm still debating on the additional shirt, keep or go back. I think I'll try it on tonight and make my final decision then. That would put me almost back on budget for the clothes shop. The miscellaneous eats and treats was coffee and a muffin at Duncan Donuts each morning and lunch at the local fair we went to. The burger booth did not do receipts. Costs were low because I stayed with freinds (no hotel and no additional food fees) I made a side dish with things I had at home (except for a small packet of frozen peas) for our pot luck. Good friends that they are, they did not expect a hostess gift. Instead, I helped to weed some flower beds which was a better gift to the family than a bottle of wine or other treats.

As I state earlier, the clothes budget for the fall is done and dusted. No more new purchases. All my money now is going towards my car and computer fund.

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