Thursday, September 6, 2007

Frustration Factor 2

I called my attorney's office today and finally got a hold of the paralegal doing my filing. She now tells me that she can't accept my faxed copies of items I sent early last week and I need to give her all the originals. Two weeks ago, she told me faxed copies were fine, she never told me the copies did not scan well. Now I totally understand they moved offices last week and moving is difficult enough, but still, she has my home, work and mobile numbers, what the F&(C()?


I am very frustrated for a couple reasons

1) I used this particular law firm because I have used them in the past. I used the other partner for both my personal real estate transactions and my office has used the firm. No complaints, very prompt, very efficient. Not the case with this attorney and his paralegal in the firm.

2) They were not cheap compared to other attorneys, but I was relying on my past experience with this firm for prompt professional service and telling me what I needed to do and when, that has not happened at all. I can't help myself unless I'm told things.

3) Time is of the essance and time is slipping away. I had the majority of my paperwork into them by the beginning of June. I was told at the end of June/beginning of July that the process was started, but both the attorney and paralegal would be on vacation for 10 days. No problem. I was told all I needed to get to them was my CMA on my house and a copy of my retirement account statement. It did take longer than anticipated to get the CMA, a freind of mine did it for me as a favor and that took a few weeks, but this is just making me crazy.

I feel like I am being stymied at every turn this week. I am desperaterly trying to move forward, make concrete plans and get my life back on track.

The realization here is the court could tell me I need to sell my house, or sell it out from under me (I hope not, I pay less in my mortgage for my small house than most people pay in rent and I can have my dogs), I could be ordered to dispose of my retirement account. I have no other asessts other than those two items.

These things scare me, scare me a lot. When I had my second consultation with said firm, they pretty much assured me that the court would probably let me keep my house as I've been able to afford it, was not behind on my mortgage and my income showed I could keep making the payments. The way this is being handled does not thrill me, impress me or instill any sort of confidence in this whole procedure.

I can't cry, I'm at work, I can't scream, I'm at work. I will probably go home and eat my way through this. No wonder I have to buy new pants.

I feel like it is three steps back and no steps forward this week.

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SavingDiva said...

I'm sorry to hear about your law firm must be depressing to have to deal with that...