Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Weekend Update

So far the weekend has a been a good one. I got busy at work on Friday and forgot to call the credit union. I'll just have to do that on Monday.  I have managed to score to meals out with friends the past two nights.  It's been great.  My friend Dee invited me over to her house for a small get together, about 8 of us in total, good food, good conversation, what more can you say. I also caught up with an old college friend last night, just pizza and beer, but we have not spoken in ages, and it was good to bring each other up to speed.

The best part about last night was getting an open invite to use same friends summer cottage in Maine. Not only is it in Maine and FREE, but it's just yards away from the ocean and a reasonable drive to Freeport, the home of LL Bean.  It's not a fussy place and that is fine by me, I'm very happy to have a place to crash, a shower that works and I'm already planning walks on the beach. 

That makes up for the very realistic change in my weekend work schedule.   Nothing is set in stone, but due to circumstances beyond my control, my hours are getting cut.  I actually took this weekend position as a replacement for someone who had gotten seriously injured.  I got the news that this person is looking to come back to work.  Like in the next couple weeks. In two weeks actually.  I knew this was a possibility  when I agreed to work this position, but in conversations with my weekend boss, the person I replaced pretty much had not given any clear indication as to when they would be able to return, if at all.  The last conversation I had with my weekend boss about hours and scheduling went like this: 

ME: Boss, I really would like to go to the events being held the first weekend in May instead of working at the barn, I also need a half day off on May 16th to do something local, but can work the rest of my schedule.  Other than that, I don't see any other time off needed until maybe late June. I do have a function in July.  I can confirm those dates in a week or two.

Boss: Sounds pretty good to me, let me make sure I can get the schedule covered for May weekend.  Your half day is not a problem.  We will worry about July later.  

Me: OK, just let me know, if you can't get the schedule covered, I'll work. 

So imagine my mixed emotions when I'm told on Friday that yes I can have May weekend off, and oh yeah, covering the schedule that weekend will be the former employee who wants to come back, so we will have to talk about schedules because I don't want to lose you from the staff.

Big sigh on my part.  I knew this was temporary work, but all the recent indications made it out to be a permanent weekend gig given the severity of the persons injury.  My full time job hours have not increased and there is no sign in the foreseeable future that they will either.  

My weekend Boss and I are going to talk schedules this week and see where it goes.  Ah well, I know from past experience when a window closes, a door opens, but right now I'm feeling like a door was slammed on me.  

I'll keep  you updated and in the mean time, I'm going to go out and enjoy the day and the lovely pastoral scene of horses grazing in the fields.


Debtfree2009 said...

Sounds like your boss doesn't want to lose you so hopefully you two can work something out.

Dawn said...

That's frustrating, but as DebtFree says, maybe it will all work out for the best.

Bouncing Back said...

I hope we can work something out that is fair and equitable for all parties involved. He has said he and his wife are very happy with my work and when they leave for weekend events, they know all is well at home. We are going to touch base this week or next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.