Sunday, April 19, 2009

Part Time Job Payday

I got to work this glorious weekend and my paycheck was sitting here waiting for me. Sweet! I had forgotten it was a payday week. This will get me current on all my utilities (I somehow missed an electric bill and have to pay two months, the March bill was high), pay off the dentist, pay off the last few dollars on my  credit card (I used the card one weekend for a service on the car, gas, grocery shop-I left my debit card at home that weekend), I have an upcoming vet visit for some of the animals, and I need a couple things myself.

I am ashamed to admit I also bounced a check on myself!  I have a checking account that I use as an E-fund. I find that I 'dip' into it for things that are non emergency.  So I decided once every 6 weeks or so the best thing to do would be to move  some funds out of that account and into my credit union account which is much harder to access the cash. I have to go to the CU to get money out and I usually think twice before making a withdraw, unlike the ease of the ATM and the debit card on the other account.  Which I did and I had forgotten that I wrote a check on the other account for the dentist and did not write it in my check register.  My bank covered the check, but it cost me $30 in fees.  Ugh and frustrating!  I really should do something with this account and not have it designated as an E-fund. 

The nice part is I will be current on all my bills and maybe even have enough  left over in the account to prepay my student loan for May.  The nicer part is I now have the extra in my account and it's not "designated" for an upcoming payment and I have no urge to spend it foolishly either.  Cripes I'm finally growing up!


Debtfree2009 said...

It always feels good to be a little ahead.

Revanche said...

Would you be able to finagle a fee waiver?