Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a Friday and that's not a bad thing....

I'm at my weekend job and it's one of these "lovely" rainy days.  Nothing feels dry in the barn and every time I turn around, there is sawdust everywhere.  I have this obsession with sweeping the isles and getting rid of the sawdust.  Just not happening today.

And what else did not happen was my paycheck. I totally forgot to sign my time sheet  last weekend and did not get paid.  I won't get paid until Mid April (I get paid 2x a month).  I really wanted that money. I have it "split" 1/2 to E-fund, 1/2 to new computer fund.  Ah well.  Patience is a virture or so they say.

I also signed up on Monster. com, step one in the hunt for a new job.  There have been some interesting job postings, some that actually look pretty interesting to me.  I really hate job hunting, I really do.  I have to get over that and get cracking on the job hunt.  I did find my old resume, I've dug it out and now I'm dusting it off.  Since the job market is tight, my resume better be cracking good.

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Dawn said...

Job hunting is a pain, but it is one of those things where the more work you put into it, the great the rewards. Still, I feel for you!