Monday, April 20, 2009

In The Account~Out of The Account

Weekend Job Pay Check Deposited~ Where it Went

1) $260.23 for electric-Ouch on the forgotten payment.  Hello warmer weather and no  more electric heat (I hope).
2) $79 for 2 months of phone service.
3) $175 for remaining dentist bill.
4) $300 for credit card payment-balance on that ZERO!
5) $60 earmarked for grocery shopping for rest of April and start of May. I'm crockpotting it for tomorrow's dinner and need to pick up a couple items.
6) $172 for May student loan-pay it now baby.

Whats leftover- no a heck of a lot, there is a chunk there, and I will make a transfer to my Credit Union account on Friday. I just want to make sure there are no surprises on my desk of a forgotten payment. Like the overdue electric bill because somehow I forgot or misplaced last months bill.


Dawn said...

That's great on the credit card! I bet that feels good - even if the electric bill was a bummer.

Miss M said...

Ugh, I forget to pay bills once in a while too. I don't know how it happens, fortunately there hasn't been any penalties. Just a really large bill when I finally pay it.