Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Distractions and Another OverDraft

To say I've been a bit distracted is an understatement. I really need to work on this. I logged into my bank account today and saw that my balance was a bit lower than it should be. I went to the transactions page and saw that I (again) and somehow bounced two checks. My bank covered them and of course charged me an overdraft fee. NOT GOOD.

The fault is entirely mine, I just spaced out earlier this week when I wrote out my bills to be paid on payday. I somehow grabbed the envelopes and mailed them instead of putting them aside until the day they could be mailed out safetly.

This distraction cost me $60 in bank fees. I am not happy about this. Since I'm not a fan of e-bill paying, I have to be more careful when I write out my checks. This has happened twice to me this month. It can't happen in May. It just can't. That's $120 that could be put towards my e-fund, my car loan, or what ever.


Kari said...

I used to be so bad at this it was one of my worst financial faults. I can't tell you what changed but I haven't had one in a long time.

Seperate accounts for bills helped a lot...

Esperanza said...

Today i HAD A small meltdown of my own with a wonderful 136$ worth of overdrafts slashed from my check I want to cry :'(

Jerry said...

I'm sorry about the fee. Do you not carry overdraft protection? We did the same thing this month and having that OP was our little insurance policy that we paid all of our bills. We went over by $1200. Yikes!! It's now down to $700 within a matter of days. We have money coming in but it's difficult to coordinate with bills. Ah, well. I hope the rest of the month doesn't lead to more distractions!