Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking and Not Looking Forward To The Weekend

I have this weekend off from my part time job. I am going to go be with a bunch of my friends celebrating a combination of May Day, Cinco De Mayo, The Kentucky Derby and Hey! It's A Weekend!

A bunch of us are sharing two hotel rooms and will pretty much spend the weekend, eating, drinking, talking, shopping, hanging out and doing "stuff". I am looking forward to it. I want a weekend where I can be with people and hang out. I've budgeted about $250 including food, lodging, gas and fun money. I hope to come back home with cash in my pocket. I'm not really planning on shopping, I don't really need or want anything (unless something really catches my eye) and I've even got food at home to bring for most of my snacks. I love shopping for car snacks.

What is making me not look forward to the weekend is one of the party is one of the folks I blogged about here. As I posted there, I've had some eye opening moments this past year and my relationship with one particular friend has changed dramatically. She is coming on this trip. Part of me is not surprised, she has participated in these group events in the past, but in the past she would group e-mail everyone and find out arrival times, arrange a meal out, or what ever. She did group e-mail people, I was not on that list and she knew I was hoping to be able to go, weekend job time off pending. And I'm not really surprised that she would have excluded me given her recent behaviour. As I said, I've guess I've outlived my usefulness as her friend. So be it.

What I have to do is remind myself to be an adult and not a petulant child. I will speak nicely to her and not be a beotch. The on again/off again boyfriend said to confront her about her "behaviour", but honestly, I just don't want to go there as they say. I made the repeated efforts to stay in touch, she chose not to, time to move on and re-evaluate the relationship. I'm sure she will be friendly and polite, she was well raised, but do I expect a change back to our old relationship/BFF status. Nope. And I think finally I am OK with that.

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