Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking Advantage of the Day Off

Having yesterday off was a bit of a treat. I know I had wanted to take a 'mental health' day sometime soon, but a true illness made me stay home yesterday. I used the time to catch up on some neglected chores, I filed a pile of papers (and swore to myself that yes I will get my multi sheet scanner soon!), cleaned off my desk, purged and cleaned my bookshelf that sits next to my desk, did a purge of some items to go to Goodwill, packed up all my non smelly trash for a run to the town transfer station, and got a little yard work in as well. My desk looks nice and tidy! I vacuumed the house, wrote a couple thank you cards, inventoried my spice rack, you know, th small crazy things we like to do.

I stayed in my PJ's drinking tea, filing papers,doing chores and listening to the TV until about 2 PM. I pulled on some sweats, pulled out my rake, broom and wheel barrow and did a mini yard clean up. I still had leaves in the corner of my patio from last fall-now that pile is greatly diminished. In fact, it's almost gone!

I also did some cooking. Why I bothered to cook when I really can't taste my food is beyond me. I put in the usual amounts of seasonings and spices and resisted the urge to "put in more" because my sense of taste was and still is off. I've been running low on things for lunches and really hate spending $7-$10 on next to nothing. Food pickings are slim around work and a bit overpriced. At least now I have some left overs that can be re purposed for lunches and dinners. Tonight will be black bean and rice tacos (gotta use up some old taco chips), what ever is left over from the black beans will be made into soup with some leftover stock. I do need to pack some food to take for my weekend job so I won't be tempted with take out or grocery prepared food. Last weekend I got treated to three meals out, all unexpected meals out, but I am grateful for that non the less.

This weekend is not looking so promising. The trainer and his wife that I work for are both away, it's Easter and Passover, I think we have a limited number of staff in (no idea how many animals) and I get the feeling I'll be hopping busy. What I think I'll do is plan to have my Easter dinner when I get home, it may be late, but I can then probably treat myself to a couple glasses of wine, put my feet up and watch a DVD. My cousins keep wondering why I won't drive several hours to their house to eat a lot of food. I keep telling them that I work weekends with animals and the animals don't care if it's Christmas, Easter, Passover, Labor Day... They need to be taken care of, so I must be there.

The other good thing that happened was I was given a surround sound system by my neighbors. One of them won a fancy Sony Home Theater system at a party. They saved up their cash(or at least they said they did) and bought a new 40 inch Sony Flat Screen TV, which arrived yesterday. They both have today off and will be setting up their new TV and Home Theater system. I offered to give them some cash for the system they gave me, but they said no, I'll get them a bottle of wine or some other treats. I'll get to set up the new to me system this evening as well. As much as I love my flat screen TV (which is alas, only 26 inches), it does not have great speakers, this should remedy the sound issues that I have. Now just to figure out where to put the speakers........


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the spring colds. Everyone at my office has had something and has graciously passed it around. I was off 5 days from work, mostly due to laryngitis. Only difference between me and you is that I didn't even have the energy to do any projects around the house. Congratulations on your new surround system. That will be great!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Great job getting a bunch of things done. Last weekend I was lazy and avoided everything.