Monday, August 17, 2009

An Uneventful Weekend

It was a fairly quiet weekend. Not that much drama at the second job, which is good considering some of the staff are bickering a bit, I got paid, which is another good thing. The weather was lovely, the work went smooth, we were busy, but not crazed, and I got to work on a couple personal projects. I broke down and put the small AC in the house and actually used the AC last night.  The house felt warm and muggy when I got back home and with my area of the world actually having summer for a few days, I decided to treat myself to a little AC.  It took the edge off the heat and humidity.

The cupboards and fridge are a bit sparse, I'm off to do a mini shopping marathon tonight. Lists are made for each store (Aldi, ethnic market, grocery store, Costco) and the only downside is I am out of leftovers for dinner and forgot to pull something out of the freezer for tonights meal. Oh well, I'll grab a slice of pizza at Costco as a treat and do some food prep tonight for the week.

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