Monday, August 10, 2009

Mini Update

It was a good birthday weekend, thanks for the birthday wishes! My birthday present to myself was going to be basic cable since I get no TV reception. Alas, it was not to be. I had processed the order for the basic cable via the companines web site. I got a call and was told that where I live is just over their service border and they do not service my village. Literally, I am one block over from the $15/month basic cable providing servicer. The company that does provide cable service to my part of the world does so for $39.99 a month. When I did a side by side comparison, the more expensive company only offers 6 additional channels (that I would not be watching anyway).

Oh well, I don't know if I want to spend $40 on basic cable. I have to think about it. I did treat myself to a new set of sheets. I found some amazing 650 thread count sheets at Marshalls for $39. I washed them, line dried them and put them on my bed. They feel great! I also treated myself to a nice bottle of wine. Small treats, but good treats.

Have you ever bought yourself a birthday present?


Anonymous said...

I suggest you checkout hulu! That way you can watch your shows when you want. You may have to upgrade your internet but it would be a better value than cable!

veronica said...

Yes, I have. And I never disappoint myself -- I always know just what I want. :-) Glad you had a happy birthday!

Grace. said...

Well, first I give my kids and my sister VERY SPECIFIC hints as to what I want for my birthday. If that doesn't work, then I buy gifts for myself. Sadly, and like you, I usually wind up talking myself out of what I really want and settling for something cheaper.

marci said...

I hate being outside of a cable company's jurisdiction. And $40 compared to $15 is a big jump in price, so I don't blame you for putting it off. And yes, occasionally I will treat myself to some fun stuff for my birthday.