Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

In the past two weeks, I did a bunch of food shopping and made a bunch of food. I now have a lot of leftovers in my fridge.  Which is a good thing. I now have food for my lunches! I did walk out of the house the other day without my lunch and decided to buy lunch.  I was not thrilled to spend $9 on next to nothing.  I will have to get creative with the last few containers to make the food palatable. 


Anonymous said...

This is how I have solved "Forgetting my lunch"...if I make it the night before I put my car keys on top of the lunch. If I didn't get it made, I still put my keys in the frig. This way I never leave without, it might not be the greatest lunch on the days I don't make it before...but, it saves my hard earned money :-) I even take my drinks, the machines at work cost $l.25 for a coke!!!

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