Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Food Shopping!

I ended up doing a lot (well to me a lot) of food shopping over the weekend. I shopped at 4 stores to get all the little things I needed and wanted and my last stop was at the market that has a decent meat department. Well, used to have a decent meat department. They were one of the few local stores that would cut up a whole chicken into parts that you could grill or fry.  Since the store underwent a renovation and "upgrade", they no longer sell a cut up chicken. It's easy enough to do on my own should I choose to buy a small chicken and do it myself. But it's one of those things I'm happy to have someone else do.  I don't always channel Julia Child when I cook.  I just don't really like to buy a 12pk of chicken legs or thighs or what ever.  I like a little variety in my meals.

Non the less, I did a mini stock up on a variety of meats, most all of which was divided up in to individual portions, wrapped and dropped into the freezer. It will make it easier for me to just pull out a portion when I want to toss something onto the grill.

I also scored in the leftover bruised veggie section.  The grocery store had a bunch of sliced portobello mushrooms and a deep discount and I bought 4 packs.  My plan tonight is to make this amazing mushroom bourguigon  from Smitten Kitchen.  Yes, this may be a dish that is probably best served in the middle of winter or on the first frosty fall day instead of in the middle of summer, but I have a feeling this would be quite tasty as a summer dish anyway.  I made it three or four times over the winter when I could find portobello's either on sale or in the bruised veggie section. This will also give me a chance to use up the last of the carrots, garlic and pearl onions that are in my veg bin.  And I know I'll have some good leftovers for lunches.!

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Kari said...

Everyone is blogging about groceries this week lol

Great post!