Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Work, What Weekend Work?

I got home a little early from my weekend away (it was raining cows and pigs where we were and all outside activities cancelled on Sunday, early drive home!). I ran into my weekend boss at the local coffee shop and we are supposed to touch base on a schedule this week. He was in my area of the state for an event and both of us surprised to see each other. Neither of us felt like talking yesterday. BUT what did not bode well with me, was the look on his face when I said, lets catch up this week about the schedule. I think he was not planning on a schedule for me.

My friend Jill rang me up over the weekend to give me an update on the person I was replacing.  Jill was in a gossipy mood and I was very careful about what I said and what I asked, you know, the high school gossip thing is very unattractive in your 40's!  This staffing change also affects her as well. I found out she had been happily doing one to two days of work during the week in exchange for a reduction on her bill since January. It seems the person I replaced was back and finding the work difficult on the supposedly healed injury. Ummmm, No surprise there! When you shatter a few bones and tear some ligaments, you'd better be dammed sure you are healthy, able to be upright and using all your appendages. Which from what I gather they are not. It's my understanding that the barn was not that busy, it was very quiet, and the person I replaced still had to take multiple breaks. Jill also told me that the person I replaced needs to go back for additional surgery, rendering them unable to work for a period of time unknown, at least two to three weeks and complained to Jill that she really needs the money this job pays her. Don't we all?

I told Jill the following things:
1) I was hired as a temporary replacement for the injured worker. I knew that from the get go. The timing to get this job was good for me, the opportunity was there when my primary job cut my hours.
2) My weekend boss in not responsible for my fiscal well being, I am.
3) I'm most upset with what I perceive to be a lack of notification about the schedule change, especially since it directly affects my bottom line. I would have liked more than a week's notice, given the fact I had asked for a weekend off for some much needed mental R&R.
4) I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to have a steady weekend job for the length of time I did.
5) I'd be happy to continue on in the position-provided I get definitive start and stop dates if my help is needed while said person is out of action for this supposed surgery.
6) And I reminded Jill that while both of us might not like the change to our schedules, we really did not have a big say in it and the trainer has to do what is best for his budget and facility. We need to swallow our big girl pills and get on with it (easier said than done while I’m feeling a bit torqued about it all.)

Ah well, I don't even think I'm supposed to be at the barn this weekend. Which does stink more than a bit and really craps out the budget for May. I am supposed to get a paycheck this week and am owed some reimbursement money for some supplies I purchased. I'm using part of that paychecl to cover the new laptop, will take $100 for some new work clothes and drop the rest into my E Fund account.

Like I said before, I'm not having a total freak out just yet. I'm going to wait until after we have our conversation and take it from there. When my hours got cut at my primary job, I took a deep breath, drank a bottle of wine and gave myself some space to think about what else I could do. I ended up with this weekend position. I'm going to adopt the same approach this week. Relax, breathe, drink some wine and maybe do some long overdue spring cleaning of the house.

I think I will miss the use of the washer and dryer most of all. I'm planning on spending my Friday AM at the Laundromat getting my piles of laundry done :).


Dawn said...

You comment about missing the washer and dryer made me smile. Almost all the places I've lived since moving out of mom & dad's were lacking in laundry facilities. Now that I have my own house (with the washer and dryer) I offer my facilities to friends with none to make up for all the people who offered me theirs when I needed it.

Bouncing Back said...

Since I moved back to NE I've used a laundromat and spent a ton of $$ on the machines. Having a W/D at my disposal has been a luxury. I wish I had the space at home for at least a washer.