Monday, May 11, 2009

New Computer is Home and I'm Loving It!

My new computer arrived on Thursday to work after I left for the weekend. I ran to the office Sunday morning and picked it up. I've been slowly playing with it. I dismantled the old ancient desk top I'd been borrowing, dusted off my desk and set up the new lap top. It looks very spiffy! I am pleased.  I just have to set up my two e-mail accounts so that they can both download to one e-mail program.  I have my old earthlink e-mail address that my family still uses, despite me giving them my new e-mail address tied to my personal web site.  The really cool part is it has picked up the neighbors wifi and I shamelessly surfed the internet last night on the wifi. 

As I get motivated and organized, I'll boot up the old lap top, tranfer over the files I need and I have just ordered an external hard drive that I'll use to back up all my old photos and files.  I want to keep this laptop "clean and organized".  Heck, I probably will toss half the photos and the files. 

The other exciting part (or at least to me), is I may be getting a really good all in one fax/scanner/printer, either for free or at least at a deeply discounted price.  An aquaintance had ordered an all in one for an employee who was working from home and they no longer are employed by that company.  The unit is about a year old, in really good shape and the offer was made to see if I wanted it. If the price is right, I'll take it. I just have to do some research on what the units cost and what the toner costs.  If it fits into my limited budget, I'm going to bring that puppy home this weekend.


Anonymous said...

It's great getting a new shiny computer o play with. I just love opening the box and plugging it in for the first time :)

Another said...

Congrats! I bought a new computer last week - I think our old computers were similar - you had a 8 year old Dell Laptop, I had a 7 year old one.

Love my new laptop (bought a Toshiba), but I don't particularly love Windows Vista or Office 2007.