Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend Update

Having a full, sunny, sort of warm day at home was a good thing. I got to sleep in (until 7:15 AM if you call that sleeping in), I got to make myself a nice breakfast and I got a boat load of little things done around the house. I had forgotten that 'normal' folks use the weekend to do chores like this!

I picked up my new computer, dismantled the old one, dusted off my desk, put all my clean laundry away (still have some ironing to do), cleaned out my tiny garden shed, tuned up the lawn mover (thank you for starting AGAIN this year, best $89 I ever spent!), moved the lawn, organized a pile of stuff to go to the town dump, made it to the town dump and did not have a bulky waste disposal fee (my town charges for large bulky items, the dump guy did not charge me), weeded some flower beds,emptied out and consolidated three boxes of my 'stuff" I can not quite get rid of yet, swept the patio, aired out both feather duvets and made a Home Depot run for grass seed to repair the patches in my lawn. I don't look quite like the white trash neighbor, at least this week I don't!

The upside to cleaning out my garden shed was finding some concrete patching mix. My patio suffered what is known as "flaking" of the concrete and each winter, I lose a chunk of concrete, the top layer 'peels" off. I found two boxes of concrete patch I had forgotten I had. I was able to mix them up and level off the damaged concrete. Not quite a perfect match to the rest of the patio, but it is at least level. It looks fine to me!

I'm getting my last "big" paycheck from my weekend job sometime this week. Ive got some bills I want to pre-pay and I'll take $100 for some new clothes (the consignment shops have yielded nothing good) and about $100 for plants and paint. I might as well take advantage to the extra time off and become more motivated to do the items on the to do list. Some are standard spring chores, some are spring projects.

I've also been telling a few people that I have some extra availability and who knows? Maybe I can pick up an extra days work here and there. Last fall when my hours got cut, I did the same and ended up with my weekend position. I'm keeping my options open and my outlook positive. I was upset with the change in schedule, especially since I had formulated a new budget/spending/saving plan that is now shot to shite. Hey, one has to roll with the punches as they say. Who knows? Maybe my weekly lottery ticket will turn out to be a winner!


Dawn said...

Wow, your weekend sounds like it was incredibly productive!!

Shevy said...

Well, you definitely are good at rolling with the punches, so I think you'll be fine. And it's good to have some time for yourself and to accomplish all those little things that otherwise never get done. Besides, I tend to think that you might end up with those hours back because the person you were replacing may very well not be able to handle the work. But it might take a while.