Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey It's A Job! Part ?

I spoke to my weekend boss last night. He called and I'll be working two days this weekend.  He told me (again), he wants to keep me on staff, blah blah, the whole conversation we had before.

Being in a bit of a less than forgiving mood, but trying to be nice. I said coming over for the two days was NOT a problem, I was happy to do it.  BUT (and there is always a but), I fully understood that he hired me as a replacement for someone who had been injured and that this was a temporary position. I also told him that I fully understood that the person I replaced is the primary worker, AND his primary responsibility should be towards his facility and how to best staff it to cover the needs of the animals and clients. I also told him that I'd be happy to work a rotation of weekends, BUT I needed notice or a schedule or something better than what happened last week as that was uncool in my book, more so given the fact I had asked about the general health and well being of the person I replaced several times.  I also shot out the comment I knew the person I replaced was not as functioning as they should be.  Lack of mobility means lack of work getting done in a timely fashion and what if there is an animal issue out in the field?  His response was I know, I know. Does he know that the way he told me my schedule was changing was uncool or that the person I replaced was not functioning as well as they should. Honestly, he is just covering his own arse just in case this person can't work again, he wants to have someone in the pipeline that does not need the "training" so to speak. He's not a bad person, just trying to juggle a staff, a schedule and keep his business running as smoothly as possible.

Sigh, non the less, it is what it is. He will be around in the evenings, so I'm sure we will talk again.  The good side to all this is I'll be able to get ALL my laundry done. Two weeks of my clothes, a bunch of sheets and towels and I'm going to wash my winter blankets before I pack them away for the spring and summer. I'm planning on arriving a little early on Thursday night so I can start on the laundry.  It's the little things that really make me happy!


Dawn said...

There is nothing like clean underwear. :) That is good news on the job. Stay firm, but polite. I think your attitude of "I am happy to work for you, but don't jerk my chain" is a good one. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good for you... stick to your guns and stay with what is comfortable for you. Some times its not the work but the benefits that come with it.