Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Setting Up The New Computer

I've been slowly setting up my new computer with e-mail, downloading the programs I need for my personal web site and all those other fun things one likes to have on a computer.  Open office is a huge program and the download said it would take 4 hours to do. I think I'll down load it on Friday when I'm home and can keep the computer from going into sleep mode and disrupting the download.  Thanks to all who suggested it!

One thing I will be setting up is Quicken to my computer. I've noticed that I am not that diligent in manually tracking my spending.  I've used Quicken before and it forced me to track my spending and categorize my expenses.  I've made the decision that I'll start using Quicken again. I get to the end of the month, go to recap my expenses and sort of wonder what, why and how I spent money.  Even by keeping all my receipts, I still shake my head in wonderment over my own lack of self control and sense of spending justification. For what ever reason, holding myself accountable to Quicken's reports seems to keep me on a smart money track.

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