Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planning Ahead-Sort Of

Is life really 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration? I think it is. One thing I think folks need to do is help themselves be ready and available for that great opportunity that can come at any moment.

While I am trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, or at least the next few years, I do know that one goal I have is to work for myself. And I'd like to do that sooner rather than later. One reason I bought my new computer was so that I could scour sights like Elance for virtual assistant projects, both long term and short term. In order to be a self employed person who does anything and everything from admin work to research (which I've done before, verifying facts for a writer and this particular writer paid really well.), I know I need certain tools. In no particular order....
A decent laptop/computer
A fax
A printer
A scanner
Cable at home
plus the usual office supplies, paper, envelopes, etc

I have the decent lap top, and I will probably get a decent all in one fax/printer/scanner-the early versions of the all in ones were horrible, the more recent models seem to have better ratings and work better. With space being a premium at my house and my home office literally my small desk, a file cabinet and some shelves on my book case, I can't have tons of office equipment. I just don't have the room.

I may get an all in one from another business if the machine is in good working order. I have my eye on two units, one a color unit, one a black and white unit, both scan in color. If the slightly used unit is in good working order and the price is right, I'll probably take it. If not I just have to get off my lazy arse, prioritize the money, do my shopping research and buy a unit.

The cable I am waffling on. I know that right now my lap top picks up my neighbors WiFi, but I can't rely on that and that's just not ethical anyway. Plus if I can pick up the WiFi, it means it's not a secure connection. I have a modem on the computer so I can use my dial up, but it's slow and oh so 1990's. My local cable company is offering a one year package, cable, internet and phone for $69. I can keep my current phone number and get the basic cable. I just don't know if I want to make that jump yet. I have no idea how long the promotion will last or what the fee will be for the bundled package once the year is up, I did not look into that part of it yet and I should. I will admit the lure of my own high speed internet is tempting, but do I really need it NOW? Do I need it now for a variety of reasons? Oh the decisions one has to make!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are well organized in terms of planning! Can you bring your laptop to work and plug into their network to download openoffice?

I too have a small home (studio apartment) and space is at a premium. One great thing is that my laser printer is network ready. I have cable internet (about $50 a month for phone and internet, I recently cancelled television) and use a wireless router (about $40), into which I plug the printer, so I can print without physically attaching my laptop to the printer. I only paid about $10 extra for the network ability on the printer, so I would recommend looking at this feature, as it really helps with space (a printer with wireless ability would cost alot more, since I could put the printer near the cable outlet, I am getting essentially the same result).

I have an inkjet fax/printer/scanner that someone gave me. It is not that great, and I never use it for printing, much preferring my $99 laser printer (made by Brother, bought with some sort of rebate).

Good luck with getting everything up and running!

Bouncing Back said...

I'm trying to be better about the organization for all of the reasons I've outlined, as well as I want to declutter some space at home!

I downloaded Open Office to a disc at work and will then upload it to the laptop tonight. IF push comes to shove, I'll drag the laptop into work on Monday and download from there.

Now if I can just figure out why my e-mail will not let me send, it only allows me to receive.........I think I have a setting "off" someplace.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the home based business. I can tell you from personal experience that I had near 10 years of very productive and lucrative results from my home based business. Because of the medical field that I chose, those opportunities are drying up now but it is possible to do well in a home based business. You sound like you have all the right ideas and your equipment needs sound just right.

Kari said...

One suggestion I did in an old apartment is I had a neighbor I could trust. We both went in on a secure wi-fi connection we could both pick up. I paid 60% of the bill so it would be in my home (giving me the security I needed). I'm not sure that is ethical either but we were both single student moms we did what we had to.

A home-based business it one of my goals I hope to achieve sooner rather than later.