Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Weekend Looms

3.5 hours and counting until I am off for the weekend. AND I really need a weekend off.  My to do list is long and lengthy, my budget tight, but I have things that must be done.   My big plan for the afternoon is to take a nap on the couch.  We went from a glorious sunny super weekend to grey, cloudy, overcast and chilly.  It was a chore to get out of bed this morning. It was the type of a morning that called for pulling the covers over your head and hunkering down for a few more hours, not to hop out of bed raring to go.

I've not brought my new laptop to work to take advantage of the high speed internet to download the last few programs I want and I forgot to bring it to my weekend job last weekend. I'm hoping the WiFi connection at the local coffee shop is strong enough where I can spend an hour or three and download the last few programs.  I have to boot up my old lap top and save the files I want saved to a thumb drive. I was dead cert I had sooo many files that I would need a super capacity external hard drive. Imagine my surprise to find out I can fit almost everything I want to save on one large capacity thumb drive.  So the old files will be saved on the thumb drive and when the funds get a little healthier, I'll get that new external hard drive and save them there as well. 

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Dawn said...

We've been having that same cold, gray damp weather over here. I am right with you - I didn't want to get out of bed this morning either!